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Youth Hostel Showdown

We finally landed in the forbidden Blue Mountains. It was freezing cold, at -2000C°, or at least to me it was. We unloaded our excessive baggage. It was so heavy that it nearly broke my arms right off of my shoulders. We soon got inside our youth hostel, and I collapsed on a chair. I thought that I would for sure need to go to the hospital, but that thought soon passed. We took our excessive baggage to our room. It felt like I was having to walk a million miles, and everyone was staring at me like I was a ghost. Maybe it was because I was pushing my suitcase down a three metre pathway, and looking like I was about to fall over and die. When I finally made it inside of the bowels of the room, I looked for a bed to collapse in, but was pushed out again by the evil monster that was my dad. There was only one way to defeat him! I needed to find a weapon! I grabbed my mighty sword and shield, and was ready to stab the mighty beast, when he suddenly disappeared. In it’s place stood my dad. I was holding my umbrella and a suitcase - my mighty sword and shield. I brought the luggage quickly inside, and was finally able to collapse in my bed.

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Blue Mountains YHA Business Thrives

Housed in an old redbrick National Trust building in Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, this youth hostel business seems to just keep growing. Charging from just $70 per room, there are options for room with en-suites, or TVs, or even both. The rooms contain multiple beds, though usually 2 bunk beds, you can get an extra bed if requested. This youth hostel also has a communal area, equipped with a kitchen and a TV room. The surrounding area is of the Blue Mountains, a thriving tourist attraction, and on top of that, the three sisters, one of Australia’s most popular attraction, is just a stone's throw away. The YHA has a very historic upbringing, first starting in 1950, and continuing to grow to more than 100 hostels all across Australia. Could it be the rich history or the cheap prices that make this hostel so popular? Or could it be conveniently placed tourist attractions? All in all, this hostel does not seem to want to stop growing any larger.

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Blue Mountains Sports Report

Cameron rises from his divine slumber. He makes his way carefully to the bathroom, making sure to not to wake his slumbering family. Carefully making his way to the door containing the toothbrush, he reaches out to grab it. But what is this?! He does not grab the toothbrush, instead reaching out for the doorknob. Good Grief! He descends the stairs, two at a time, and makes a mad dash for the kitchen!
He opens the fridge, and BOOM, takes out his family’s food bag! He takes out the bread, and starts to WOAH, make a sandwich! I have never experienced something so exciting in my entire life! He takes out not one, not two, but THREE pieces of bread! He then takes a carefully cut slice of not beef, not chicken, but ham! Yes, HAM, and puts it into his amazing bread. Is he going to eat it?! Is he going to give it away?! NO! He cuts it up into quarters, and puts it on a plate! He brings the plate upstairs. He is actually bringing the plate upstairs! He then goes back into his room, where his family has finally woken up! And shares this amazing sandwich, SHARES IT to his family! What an amazing conclusion to one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen. Next we have Chelsea VS Barcelona after the break.

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Blue Mountains YHA Critical Review

[b]YHA Critical Review

YHA, or Youth Hostel Association, Australia, is a youth hosteling association in Australia, and is a member of Hosteling International. They are very highly regarded, and have many hostels all over the country.
I decided to visit one of these youth hostels this summer, the YHA Katoomba, Blue Mountains. This hostel was surprisingly impressive, with a spacious lounge area, and a well equipped kitchen. The bedrooms were very well equipped, with the facilities being very good, with some bedrooms even being en suites and having TVs, which are very uncommon for youth hostels, but welcome. The staff were also very kind and very resourceful about the hostel and of the surrounding area. The whole place felt very warm and timely, and the place had a lot of history about it. Particularly, me and my Dad enjoyed this place mainly because of the ability to cook, and the stunning surrounding mountains.
Although this hostel was indeed, very impressive, there were a few drawbacks. Firstly, YHA staff did offer breakfast, although it was a very pricy $6.50, and it was just the stereotypical toast and cereal. Secondly, the kitchen does close quite early, at about 8:30PM, which is hard to manage if you go out for a later hike, but still need dinner.
Despite these, the hostel is very impressive, and I would definitely recommend this hostel if you are in the area.
Housed in the beautiful Blue Mountains, this is what surrounds the YHA, Katoomba. I enjoyed the scenery just as much as I enjoyed the youth hostel.

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Blue Mountains Photo Book

sunny 2 °C

This is YHA, Katoomba, or Blue Mountains YHA. This youth hostel is a great place for hikers, backpackers, or families to stay in, and housed my family for quite some time during this past Summer. Blue mountains YHA is also a great place to stay if you are planning on hiking or sightseeing due to how close it is to the three sisters and many hiking trails. the interior, more specifically the communal area. it is a very nice warm place to eat, or just relax during the holidays. This is the area where you can eat and drink, and in this communal there is also a pool table, a fire and a TV room at the very back.
This is a the beginning of the first Hike I went to in this area, the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. This walk, as you may be able to tell from the name, is a walk along the side of the mountain. Along this hike, you will be able to see a lot of very beautiful plants, and some of the best views I have ever seen.
This is one of the waterfalls I encountered whilst walking along the Great Staircase. This staircase consists of 1000 stairs, and many, including me, didn’t finish the whole thing.
This is a view of The Three Sisters, the most famous tourist attraction in Blue Mountains. These rock formations were once just one rock, but over the hundreds of years they have been around, they have eroded into three different rocks.

This is a view of the sunset from the top of the mountain. This picture was taken at about 4:45PM, which is a very early sunset for those of you who are late risers and late sleepers.

This is a view from the top of the mountain, this time in the morning, which was about 10AM. I overall had a great time in Blue Mountains, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys hiking and sightseeing.

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